Kicking off Summer the RIGHT WAY: Noc Kupały Lantern Festival in Poznan, Poland

Noc Kupały 5

The Noc Kupały Lantern Festival in Poznan, Poland …is only a few weeks away!  Are you traveling around Europe this summer or been itching to go on a trip? Quick, you still time to book your train/plane/ bus to get to Poznan! On St. John’s Eve, the shortest night of the … Read Article

Want to go on the ULTIMATE New Zealand Roadtrip?

sheep road block

Well, then you’d better learn to share the road… Learning to drive on the opposite side of the road all while learning to dodge sheep can prove to be difficult. What do you think?  Would you be up to the task? Let us know and comment below! Diggin’ this post? Might … Read Article

Top 10 Places to Escape the Polar Vortex

Simonstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Enough with the ‘polar vertices’ already. Seriously. This winter has been setting records, in the worst of ways.  With temperatures consistently hitting all-time lows, who’s ready to get the heck out of dodge? Top 10 Places to Escape the Polar Vortex 1.  Serengeti National Park, Tanzania There is no better … Read Article

Top 10 Things To Do & See in Egypt . . .

Pyramid ninja

1. The Great Pyramids of Giza The quintessential Egyptian landmark.  Arguably the most famous site in world and a must do on everybody’s Egyptian adventure.  At over 4600 years old they are one of the only remaining 7 wonders of the ancient world.  An incredible sight especially at sunset. Don’t … Read Article