What is Global Education?

52 Photo That Will Inspire You To Travel

Become a Global Citizen

Volunteering is the perfect way to get involved in the Global Community and become an engaged citizen.

Global Education Summit at the White House

100 Travel Writers Descended on the White House to Promote Global Citizenship and Engagement


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Volunteer Abroad

Looking for resources? Want to volunteer abroad but don’t know where to start? The following is a list of organizations...

What is Global Education?

And why does it matter? Global Education is difficult to define as it can mean many different things to many...

The Team

WHO IS THE LIFESCAPE TEAM? They’re a  little bit Type-A, a little bit fun, and full blown Global Education enthusiasts....


The LifESCAPE Escape & Global Educate MISSION In today’s world, a global perspective is imperative for success. The LifESCAPE is...

In today's world, a cultured perspective is imperative for success. The Lifescape is dedicated to helping others realize the benefits of a global education realized through travel.