Worms. The Souvenir That Keeps On Giving.

kande beach

In Beauty there is Danger After leaving Zambia, home of Victoria Falls, we made the LONG and bumpy trip overland to visit the beautiful Lake Malawi.  Lake Malawi is a massive lake bordered by Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique.  It has clear waters, white sandy beaches and the highest number of … Read Article

You Give Yourself Too Much Credit

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7 Reasons NOT to Sign up for 7856586 Travel Credit Cards .  . . Sure, your reward points MIGHT pay for an airline ticket, or three (if you’re lucky…) but is the enormous height of your personal debt ceiling worth it? We think not. Many other travel sites, with good intentions  - of … Read Article

Top 10 Things To Do & See in Egypt . . .

Pyramid ninja

Ever dreamed of being an archaeologist or a world explorer? Rhetorical question, we know. Which is why we think know Egypt should be on the TOP of your bucket list.  So, to get your Egypt trip started here are 10 of the TOP things to do and see in Egypt: 1. … Read Article

Kicking off Summer the RIGHT WAY: Noc Kupały Lantern Festival in Poznan, Poland

Noc Kupały 5

The Noc Kupały Lantern Festival in Poznan, Poland …is only a few weeks away!  Are you traveling around Europe this summer or been itching to go on a trip? Quick, you still time to book your train/plane/ bus to get to Poznan! On St. John’s Eve, the shortest night of the … Read Article

Want to go on the ULTIMATE New Zealand Roadtrip?

sheep road block

Well, then you’d better learn to share the road… Learning to drive on the opposite side of the road all while learning to dodge sheep can prove to be difficult. What do you think?  Would you be up to the task? Let us know and comment below! Diggin’ this post? Might … Read Article