The Team


They’re a  little bit Type-A, a little bit fun, and full blown Global Education enthusiasts.

Back in 2008, they had an insane dream. A insane dream that would required them to leave their jobs, sell all of their possessions, live out of a carry-on size backpack, buy a one-way ticket to crazy-town and risk everything.

In 2012, they made that dream a reality and with no hard set plans and no return ticket, they were off to explore the world. Scared? You bet. Confident that traveling around the world and submersing themselves in other cultures would broaden their minds? Absolutely.

Now, after hundreds of days spent abroad – researching and submersing themselves in other cultures, they’re on a mission. A mission to inspire others to challenge their beliefs and stretch their boundaries. In today’s world a cultured perspective is imperative for success and The LifESCAPE is dedicated to helping others realize the benefits of a global education realized through travel.

Meet the Team



About: Born in Poznan, Poland – He’s a finance and economics nerd and you’d be hard pressed not to find him  reading the latest edition of the ‘The Wall Street Journal’. He’s obsessed with technology, spread-sheets, capital markets, routines and to-do lists. Embarking on this trip without any hard set plans, dates or destinations definitely took him on a one-way flight out of his comfort zone.

Travel Lessons Learned: He’s learned to roll with the punches and not sweat the small stuff. He’s become highly adaptable and looks at everything in a positive light.

Travel Goals: Learn other cultures first hand and experience the nitty-gritty himself. Traveling is all about the experience that comes along with it.



    About: She left her career in banking in search of a life with no limits. She had no idea how much traveling would turn her life ‘right side up’. Now, she’s an innovative nonprofit professional and a global development & sustainability enthusiast.

    Travel Lessons Learned: The importance stretching boundaries and becoming a more engaged global citizen. Travel has also allowed her to hone her negotiation, adaptation, budgeting and coordination skills.

    Travel goals: She wants to spread the word on the importance of engaged communities, cultured perspectives and global education. She wants to soak it all up and learn as much as she can about culture & language, expand her horizons and live with intention.

    Note: Murphy’s law was written for her. What can happen – Will happen!

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