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Today, 100 Travel Writers are Promoting Cross-cultural Education at the White Housewhite house image

Today, the White House has invited 100 Travel Bloggers from around the world to attend the first White House Travel Bloggers Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship programs. This is a momentous occasion for the travel community!

Forward Thinking

Not only does this show incredible innovation coming from the White House Administration, but it also shows just how much Global Education, travel and the blogging community is making an impact.

The White House is on a mission to bring focus and awareness to the benefits of international education and cultural exchange programs around the world. The impact of this will be huge on the context of Global Education and in the efforts of engaging international communities.

In today’s world a Global Education is imperative for success!
1600 Penn ave

The impact of this conference will be a monumental catalyst in shining a light on the goals of Global Education enthusiasts around the world. Global Education has a transformative power  to alter lives and perspectives. Education shouldn’t stop in the classroom, its time that our education systems change their approach and start incorporating mandatory international experiences.

Our Only Question is: Where Was Our Invite!

Want more information on Global Education? Go here. Want to find out how you can make an impact? Go here.

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