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In today’s world, a global perspective is imperative for success. The LifESCAPE is dedicated to helping others realize the benefits of a global education through travel.


Founded in 2012, The Lifescape is an independent publication that was founded on a few simple things: Enlighten people about the up and coming trend towards global education, the importance of global education and to provide educational, honest, entertaining and up-to-date advice on ALL THINGS TRAVEL.


Collectively, The Lifescape has explored over 45 countries, achieving a self-proclaimed status of ‘global citizens’. They’re a little bit crazy, a little bit Type-A, a little bit fun, and full blown Global Education/Development enthusiasts.

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They’re Denis and K.T.

Just two run of the mill financially minded dorks who, back in 2012, bought a one-way ticket to Crazy-town, and decided to put their life on hold to go on a creative sabbatical. They have BIG dreams and are in search of a life with NO limits. They designed this site to help others make their goals and dreams a reality and to help promote the importance of global education realized through travel.

Come and see how they do their best to “go with the flow” and embrace the mania.

You can learn more about K.T. & Denis here.

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They want to help you achieve your dreams and travel aspirations. They love to share stories & experiences, inspire and entertain. They are always updating and sharing more, however, if there are any topics they have not yet covered, but you’d like to know more about, please feel free to contact them.

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