What is Global Education?

And why does it matter?

Global Education is difficult to define as it can mean many different things to many different people.

What can be agreed on, is that Global Education creates world citizens who are armed with the tools to face globalization. With an increasingly inter-connected world, a Global Education provides the knowledge, skills and experience to face the toughest global and cultural issues that occur in life outside of the classroom.

It is poised to provide tangible and memorable experiences that challenge beliefs and broadens minds. It stretches boundaries and teaches people to be comfortably uncomfortable.

Global Education is an educational perspective that teaches you to submerse yourself in other cultures,To become an active global citizen & to become a traveler, not a tourist. 

Bushmen in Botswana

 The LifEscape – Escape & Educate

Today, A global Perspective is imperative for success. We dedicated to helping others realize the importance of a global education attained through travel.

Why Travel?

We all live in an increasingly interdependent world where our success lies on the success of other nations. We must educate and prepare ourselves to live and work in a hyper- connected international environment. While formal education is critical and great learning the facts and for gaining a general understanding, it alone cannot round you as an individual.

Nothing can measure up to the direct experience travel provides

phnom penh, cambodia

Travel teaches important life lessons that cannot be learned in science or history books. Nothing can bring vastly different cultures and beliefs together more than experiencing different ways of life first hand. Travel challenges your thinking and opens your mind. It stretches your boundaries and teaches you to lead sustainable lifestyles.

Travel inspires mental growth and allows you to gain global perspectives. It teaches you to be tolerant of others’ beliefs and to embrace cultural differences. Travel teaches you to overcome religious, political, and cultural barriers. Travel ignites creativity and sparks a passion for living. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your own cultural backgrounds and heritage and why our differences are so important.

 Volunteer abroad


Want to give back? Why not volunteer to help with disaster relief? Ever thought about volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand? You can even volunteer to work in a lion orphanage in Africa! How about signing up to work with WWOOF and assist organic farmers from around the world?

See more opportunities here.

 Work Abroad

Kande primary school

There are many ways that visas can be obtained to work in different countries around the world. You can teach English in Malawi, South Korea or China. Or how about becoming a dive master and teach people to scuba dive around the world!


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